Bochove B. et al

Title: Cryogels as potential scaffolds for wound healing applications.
Authors: Annika Wartenberg, Jürgen Weisser, Susanne Thein, Henri-Pierre Suso, Ralf Schmidt, Matthias Schnabelrauch
Published: Jul 5, 2017


Various cryogels have been manufactured from methacrylated biopolymer-derived hyaluronan and dextran as well as from synthetic macromer polyethylene glycol diacrylate (PEGDA) with and without addition of egg shell membrane protein as potential mediator of the cell regeneration capacity of the final scaffolds. Among the studied crosslinkable macromers, PEGDA has been found to provide cryogels with excellent mechanical stability, inter-connecting porosity and an encouraging in vitro cytocompatibility. Furthermore, the addition of egg shell membrane protein particles to the cryogels considerably increased the ability of cells to adhere onto the cryogel surfaces or even migrate into the porous structure. Overall, the synthesized cryogels are promising candidates for wound dressings that support tissue regeneration.